Do You Know Where To Find the Best Sushi in San Pedro, Belize?

When you vacation in Belize, you’ve got to take advantage of all the delicious fresh fish that local fishers reel in every day. Head to JYOTO Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar located in Mahogany Bay Resort. JYOTO is the first restaurant offering authentic Japanese cuisine in Belize, and it’s an experience unlike any other. This is where you’ll find the best sushi in San Pedro, Belize!

Trying new foods and discovering local eateries is one of the best parts of any vacation. If you’re searching for more top-notch restaurants on Ambergris Caye, look no further than Mahogany Bay Resort. Our free Belize Vacation Guide outlines the area’s best restaurants, plus exciting things to do during your visit.

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JYOTO Offers the Best Sushi in San Pedro, Belize

JYOTO is a fantastic sushi restaurant in Belize located right here at Mahogany Bay Resort and Beach Club. Each day, the expertly trained Belizean team serves up the freshest and highest-grade sushi and menu items, sourcing fresh fish and ingredients daily from locals throughout Ambergris Caye.

Meet the San Pedro Sushi Chef With No Borders


This one-of-a-kind sushi bar in San Pedro wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Toshiya Tsujimoto, the owner and master sushi chef at JYOTO. You might be wondering how a Japanese chef opened a restaurant on the little Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye, and so were we! So, we got the inside scoop.

Growing up in southern Japan, Toshiya always knew he wanted to live a less than traditional life. He dreamed of traveling to new areas and experiencing different cultures. While he was at university, he majored in International Relations, but reading, learning, and studying weren’t enough for Toshiya. He dropped out of school and went to work at a Nissan factory so he could save up enough money to embark on his dream journey.

In 2006, Toshiya traveled to New York and backpacked around the United States, Mexico, and Canada. When he found himself in San Francisco, he stumbled upon a Japanese newspaper with an ad for a sushi chef position—no experience needed. Toshiya thought, “If I have a skill, I can travel the world forever.”

After training under a master sushi chef in San Francisco for seven years, Toshiya perfected his craft and opened a successful ramen restaurant. He eventually sold this business with the strong desire to achieve his goal of traveling more. He traveled to Europe and spent time in Malta, the tiny Italian island where he was first introduced to “tropical life.” His newfound love for this way of living led him to Belize, and the rest is history.

All About JYOTO Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

Six years ago, Toshiya Tsujimoto opened his dream Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in Belize—JYOTO. His handcrafted cuisine is now considered the traditional sushi of Belize, and it’s where Japan meets Belize.

When you dine at JYOTO, you’ll feel a sense of nature, a feeling of connection, and a sense of spirituality. Not only does Toshiya use all local ingredients, but his staff is also all Belizean. This team is one big family, and Toshiya loves to show them Japanese cultural traditions, including baking, art, pottery-making, and gardening.

The menu at JYOTO changes throughout the seasons, but no matter when you visit, you can always expect to enjoy outstanding dishes, such as:


  • Seaweed salad
  • Poke bowls
  • Japanese croquettes
  • Korean pork buns
  • Ramen
  • Japanese curry
  • Sashimi/Nigiri
  • Temaki hand rolls
  • Sushi rolls/Naked rolls
  • Fried rice
  • And so much more!

More From Toshiya Tsujimoto

Since opening his restaurant, Toshiya has expanded his legacy with other branches and businesses—like the Ambergris Tea Lounge and Cafe, upstairs of JYOTO. Here you can enjoy authentic Japanese hot teapots, bubble tea, specialty coffees, Thai iced tea, homemade rose kombucha, and more. Toshiya says it’s all part of his world peace project, and he’s proud to call himself, “The Sushi Chef With No Borders.”

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