Lobster Fishing, Snorkel + Beach BBQ

Full-Day Boat Trip

There is something very special about being able to savor a dish that results from one’s own efforts. During lobster season (July 1 – Feb 15) we offer lobster fishing trips to several sites around seafood-rich Ambergris Caye. Lobsters prefer a dark and shaded spot, either tucked within coral patches or underneath man-made structures. So, local fishermen often construct “lobster hotels” (essentially just stacked pallets) to place underwater to provide shade and create a personal lobster harvesting spot for their families to eat and also to bring visitors fishing. These undersea farmers use modern GPS to locate their undersea farmlands, or seabed lots unofficially recognized and passed on through generations. 

Lobsters can be a bit tricky, so finding them is usually likely but not always a guarantee, depending on the weather and season. But don’t worry — we won’t let you go hungry! This trip easily includes a few snorkel sessions and regular fishing as well, you’re in charge of your day on the water. Around noon, our expert guides will navigate to an off-grid beach on the island’s uninhabited west side to prepare lunch. Your Belizean beach lunch will typically include rice and beans, potato salad, tortillas, fresh fruit, and the catch of the day dressed in veggies and local flavor. Crack open a cold, hard-earned beer and celebrate one of the highlights of your Belize trip.

If you love seafood, or perhaps could use a relaxing day on the water with the freshest lunch you’ve ever had, lobster diving is one of our top recommendations for a day on Ambergris Caye during lobster season.