Black Hole Drop Rappelling & Hike

If swimming with sharks, diving the depths of the Blue Hole, ziplining over rushing rivers, and climbing through the remains of ancient sacrifice victims in the dark isn’t thrilling enough for you, try the Black Hole Drop Rappelling at Actun Loch Tunich — a.k.a. the “mother of all caves.” This sinkhole in the jungle of the Maya Mountains offers a 300 ft. drop into darkness, which begins 200 ft. above the tops of the rainforest trees rooted in the sinkhole floor. After you rappel down to the base, you are treated to a traditional Belizean lunch and a rest before your long climb back up to civilization. The rainforest hike to and from the Black Hole is around an hour each way. This tour is rather strenuous but offers lots of rewarding fun for athletic adults and children.