Mexico Rocks Snorkel Tour Packages

Half-Day Boat Trip

All along the Belize Barrier Reef live an infinite number of exceptional snorkeling spots. Hol Chan and Mexico Rocks are the two of Ambergris Caye’s most popular sites — and for good reason. Mexico Rocks is a remarkable area of the reef where anglers historically have come to clean their catch. Over the years, marine life has grown accustomed to gathering here for their daily scraps. Snorkelers enjoy calm, shallow turquoise waters making for easier up-close exploration of huge brain coral formations, sea plants, and an array of sea life that call these corals home. Green sea turtles are frequently spotted here, as well as eels, nurse sharks, and stingrays. Particularly lucky groups will get to see a dolphin or manatee, as they are found anywhere in the seas surrounding Ambergris Caye. This snorkel trip also gives a great scenic view of San Pedro Town and the many beautiful beach homes adorning the shoreline. Remember it’s prohibited to touch any corals as their life is fragile. Beginner snorkelers welcome.