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Glass Dildos

Craving the fullness and weight of a glass dildo for heavier duty fun and games, as well as temperature play? Glass dildos are smooth and rigid, which can make it easy to hit the right spot again and again.

Choosing your glass dildo

G-spot and P-spot owners love the smooth, solid feeling of a glass dildo. Glass dildos are great for those looking to explore new pleasure zones when it comes to toys, offering intense sensations.

Glass dildos hold temperature differently from their silicone counterparts, so as they come up to temperature they can feel just like the real thing. If temperature play is your thing, stick your glass dildo in the freezer or put it into a glass of warm water for a few minutes. Test on your forearm prior to using, then go to town solo, tease a partner, or be at their whim!

Using a glass dildo

Looking for some tips on using your glass dildo? We’ve got you. The heaviness of glass dildos can make slow, gentle movements feel very powerful… and faster, more energetic movements will take your pleasure to new heights.

Here’s what you should do to ensure the best experience with your glass dildo:

  1. ALWAYS clean your glass dildo before and after use
  2. Depending on your preference, run hot or cold water over it just before use
  3. Test for temperature in a safe place, such as your forearm
  4. Pour some of your most-loved lube onto your glass dildo
  5. Slide your dildo into either into the vagina or anus, and enjoy

A bonus tip from us: a little lube will go a long way when used with a glass dildo. Given that glass is non-porous it will not absorb any lube, unlike silicone dildos.

Discover our range of glass dildos and dongs

We encourage you to go as bold as you dare with our broad selection of glass sex toys. At Wild Secrets, we have a wide selection to fulfill your fantasies, whether you’re after a pink or blue glass dildo, a double ended glass dildo or even a glass butt plug, we’ve got something that’ll get your heart racing.

Looking for a different sensation?

Maybe the rigid, solid feeling of a glass dildo isn’t for you? You can explore our full range of Dongs, Dildos, & Strapons if you’re looking for the lifelike sensations of a realistic dildo crafted from PVC, or a flexible, jelly-like TPE rubber. Or if you’re after something else, get yourself (and your booty) around a butt plug for something new.

Shop at Wild Secrets to enjoy the following fantastic benefits:

  • Our Best Price guarantee
  • Fast, discreet delivery
  • Free shipping on orders over $59
  • Member rewards with every purchase
  • No hassle exchange policy
  • Free gift with all orders over $100
  • Gold standard customer service

Sign up as a member now. It’ll be our wild secret.

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